BEGIN:VCALENDAR X-WR-TIMEZONE:US/Eastern DTSTART:20191210T130000 DTEND:20191210T140000 VERSION:2.0 LOCATION:OnlinePRODID:-//Training Doyens //EN METHOD:REQUEST BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTAMP:20191210T000000 DTSTART;TZID="US/Eastern":20191210T130000 DTEND;TZID="US/Eastern":20191210T140000 SUMMARY:2020 and Beyond: How to Avoid Hiring Bullies, Liars, Passive Aggressive People and Sociopaths DESCRIPTION: Hiring people is the most important thing employers do. When you hire a person for your company, your decision will not just affect how that person performs that job, it will affect how everyone in their work group(s) performs their jobs as well. No one is perfect but when you hire truly dysfunctional people, passive aggressive people or sociopaths, they will have effects on everything and everyone with which they come into contact, including your customers. While no one wears a T-shirt advertising their dysfunction, it’s really so simple to avoid hiring these people that you have to wonder why every employer has at least one of these types of people working for them, often in a management role. While they don’t wear T-shirts they are easy to pick out if you know what to look for and how to talk to them. PRIORITY:3END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR