BEGIN:VCALENDAR X-WR-TIMEZONE:US/Eastern DTSTART:20190924T130000 DTEND:20190924T140000 VERSION:2.0 LOCATION:OnlinePRODID:-//Training Doyens //EN METHOD:REQUEST BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTAMP:20190924T000000 DTSTART;TZID="US/Eastern":20190924T130000 DTEND;TZID="US/Eastern":20190924T140000 SUMMARY:Lookup Functions in Excel: Creating Error Free Workbooks DESCRIPTION: "How do I compare the items in these two lists and see which are missing" "How do I look up a value in list ONE and pick up a related value from list TWO" "How do I avoid my lookup formula displaying an ugly error when it can't find a match?" "What's the difference between VLOOKUP function in Excel and INDEX-MATCH?" "I've heard of VLOOKUP but what's HLOOKUP formula in Excel?" These are just a few of the questions I get asked on a regular basis. You can get the answers to these questions (and more) by attending this training session dedicated to mastering the various lookup functions that are built into Excel. PRIORITY:3END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR