BEGIN:VCALENDAR X-WR-TIMEZONE:US/Eastern DTSTART:20190515T130000 DTEND:20190515T140000 VERSION:2.0 LOCATION:OnlinePRODID:-//Training Doyens //EN METHOD:REQUEST BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTAMP:20190515T000000 DTSTART;TZID="US/Eastern":20190515T130000 DTEND;TZID="US/Eastern":20190515T140000 SUMMARY:"Heal Thyself” from Chronic Stress and Burnout: Practical Strategies to Improve Well-being DESCRIPTION: One-third (35%) of American workers experience chronic work stress! Too much stress over sustained periods without renewal can lead to burnout. Burnout often results in feeling less connected with others, decreased productivity, and, frankly, a lack of joy in life. Learn to re-engage by staying alert, practicing self-care, and act from where you are (rather than where you want to be!). Recognize the symptoms of chronic work stress and burnout and strategies to get you moving in the right direction. Are you ready to heal thyself? PRIORITY:3END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR