BEGIN:VCALENDAR X-WR-TIMEZONE:US/Eastern DTSTART:20190110T130000 DTEND:20190110T143000 VERSION:2.0 LOCATION:OnlinePRODID:-//Training Doyens //EN METHOD:REQUEST BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTAMP:20190110T000000 DTSTART;TZID="US/Eastern":20190110T130000 DTEND;TZID="US/Eastern":20190110T143000 SUMMARY:Employment-at-Will! Does It Protect Employers from Wrongful Termination Allegations ? DESCRIPTION: • You may have heard about at will employment but what does that mean?• If you employ your workers “at-will”, does that mean you can fire them whenever you want?• Does invoking the doctrine of employment-at-will protect you from wrongful termination lawsuit? PRIORITY:3END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR