BEGIN:VCALENDAR X-WR-TIMEZONE:US/Eastern DTSTART:20180905T110000 DTEND:20180905T120000 VERSION:2.0 LOCATION:OnlinePRODID:-//Training Doyens //EN METHOD:REQUEST BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTAMP:20180905T000000 DTSTART;TZID="US/Eastern":20180905T110000 DTEND;TZID="US/Eastern":20180905T120000 SUMMARY:Speaking and Listening (Includes Stage and Public Presentations) With All of You: How to Improve Engagement And Effective Interaction DESCRIPTION: This session will outline and help to implement the elements of effective communication, especially in a  presentation environment. It will answer the questions of how to be better interpreted when we speak, how to use language in a way that elicits effective interaction, and how we can get clearer messages from others. The spoken and the unspoken elements of communication will be highlighted and how to use these elements to your advantage. PRIORITY:3END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR