Back to Work: The New Normal - Helping People Work Remotely and Optimizing Business Operations That Were Disrupted Due to Layoffs

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    Speaker: ArLyne Diamond, Ph.D
    Date: Tuesday, October 6th
    Time: 01:00 PM EDT | 10:00 AM PDT

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    Duration: 60 Minutes
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    Level: Beginner

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After months of working from home, not working at all, or working with a splinter crew, we are being allowed to return to work. BUT, it is not going to be business as usual – at least for some time to come.

This course is designed to help staff and management deal with the necessary changes and emotional responses to those changes experienced by so many people.

In addition to a list of suggestions for how workplaces – and people – can be made safer, we discuss the needs of the people themselves and offer some solutions as to how everyone can be made more comfortable. And, of course since now so many more people will be working from home, there is a section on suggestions for how best to work from home and to manage people who do work from home.


COVID-19 pandemic has led us to a new normal. Businesses have altered their mode of operations and people management requires new strategies. But, this too shall change – and managing change effectively is one of the responsibilities of good leaders.


• Recognize many of the precautions relating to COVID-19 for staying safe (CDC and WHO guidance for businesses and employers)
• Explore local and state policies and procedures
• Discover how elements in “change management” are required for integrating staff into the “new normal”
• Understand the importance of being aware of and handling the emotional/psychological reactions of your staff
• Discover that management has a huge responsibility in helping allay these fears and getting your workplace ready for COVID-19
• Recognize some of the needs for working at home and managing those who work at home


Business is not normal since the onset of COVID-19 pandemic – but has changed. People are experiencing confusion, anger, depression, and anxiety and the managers must find new ways to manage. More and more people are working from home during the coronavirus pandemic and need to be managed differently. Sprints, small segments of assignments allowing for course correction and attaboys are necessary.

Flexibility of time is also important as your employees may have children at home or other responsibilities. Patience, kindness and understanding by all for all is crucial. Learn how employers should prepare the workplace for the new normal. The webinar discusses how to make the necessary changes and manage your employees more effectively in the new normal.


Leaders, managers, supervisors and staff.


Years of Experience: 37+ years

Areas of Expertise: Planning, Change Management, Conflict Resolution, System Streamlining, Communication, People and Project Management

ArLyne Diamond, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized Leadership, Management, Professional Development, and  Organizational Development (O-D) consultant specializing in people and processes in the workplace. Multifaceted, Dr. Diamond has extensive experience in a wide range of disciplines (business, education, management, marketing, business ownership, psychology – and some economics and law as well). This enables her to see things from a variety of angles and to cleave to the essence of a problem quickly, offering her clients creative and practical solutions.

As the President and Founder of her consulting firm, Diamond Associates, which was established in 1981, Dr. Diamond’s clients range from boards of directors and upper management to support staff in many industries, both public and private.  This includes small business and professional practices, corporations, associations, service/charity organizations and government agencies (including police and fire). She works with individuals, teams and large groups. Dr. Diamond trains Boards of Directors and teaches several courses to board members and those striving for board appointments.

She is well known for her skill in large and small group process, including workshops in strategic planning, change management, conflict resolution, system streamlining, communication, management of people and projects,  as well as board of directors development, committee and team training.

Her executive consulting/coaching and mentoring of individuals includes helping new CEOs grow into their position and learn how to create and work with executive teams, stakeholders, and others in their organization.

Dr. Diamond teaches a wide range of MBA university courses in Business, Organizational Development, Quality, Change Management, Persuasion/Negotiation, Marketing, and Leadership.

Born into a family and culture of service to others, ArLyne has been involved with many associations, service and charity organizations. A listing is available here. She is currently active in politics, Rotary, and ProMatch, an organization dedicated to helping those out of work, where she offers workshops and a weekly drop-in helping people with finding themselves, resumes, interview skills and landing the job.

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