Helping Your Organization Survive the Economic Impact of the 2020 Coronavirus Crisis

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    Speaker: Bob Churilla

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    Duration: 60 Minutes
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    Level: Intermediate

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In this webinar, participants will learn basic crisis management principles that will help their organizations survive the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. During this educational training, participants will learn how to apply crisis management principles to the current health and economic crisis. They will also learn the leadership principles for managing in the time of coronavirus crisis. It will include developing strong, accurate and consistent messaging for the organization. Organizations will learn how to transition to either a partial or total virtual work environment where that is possible. In the training, those attending will learn how to develop health and safety policies and rules during the pandemic that will keep their employees, customers and clients safe while building a foundation for the productivity and profitability of business organizations. Legal considerations for these new policies will be examined. You will also learn how to stay connected with your customers during a pandemic. Finally, the webinar will provide ideas on how to interact with government officials during the pandemic and how to negotiate debt restructuring with the organization’s creditors.


The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic has been devastating for businesses and organizations of all types. During this pandemic it is imperative that managers and leaders of organizations learn crisis management principles.As a leader it will help you lead your business through the coronavirus crisis so that your organization survives this health and economic crisis and comes out stronger on the other side as it adapts to a world that will be different for some time.


• Crisis management principles
• Developing strong and effective messaging
• Creating a productive virtual environment
• How to develop health and safety policies and rules during the pandemic
• How to stay connected with your customers during a pandemic
• Legal considerations in creating an environment for employee-customer/client health and safety
• Interactions with local, state and federal government officials
• Dealing with and negotiating debt restructuring with creditors


Those participating in this webinar will gain confidence that tried and true crisis management/leadership principles will help their organizations survive the coronavirus crisis. It will help managers and leaders calm the fears of employees and customers/clients as they will learn how to apply crisis management principles effectively. Participants will learn how to draft consistent messaging that calms their stakeholders. Additionally, those attending will learn how to interact with government officials during the pandemic and also how to communicate with the creditors the organization may owe money to.


• Managers
• Sales Managers
• Marketing Executives
• Project Managers
• Team Leaders
• Supervisors
• Labor Relations Managers
• Human Resource Managers
• Customer Service
• Medical Personnel
• Finance Managers
• Accountants


Years of Experience: 17+ Years

Areas of Expertise: Conflict Management (Mediation, Arbitration and Facilitation), Conflict Coaching and Communication Training

Dr. Bob Churilla has been a mediator for over 17 years. Bob has mediated employment, family, insurance and personal injury claims. During this time, he has mediated cases for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Transportation Security Administration (TSA) as well as for numerous government agencies including the United States Postal Service, Veterans Administration, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Department of Labor and other departments.

Bob is also a certified trainer for the Mediation Training Institute International and presents seminars on managing workplace conflict. His training background also includes offerings in negotiation and conflict resolution. 

Bob has taught at a number of local colleges in Cleveland, Ohio. Bob's practice includes mediation, arbitration, facilitation, conflict coaching, systems design and organizational consulting in the area of conflict systems design and communication training. Bob also is a minister in the Unity Church in Cleveland Ohio, and has experience in congregational dispute resolution.

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