Writing Techniques for Audit Professionals: How to Get Your Recommendations Implemented

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    Speaker: Daniel A Clark

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    Duration: 60 Minutes
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One of the most valuable skills an auditor has is the skill to communicate. Because most of that communication takes place in the written format, many hours and dollars are spent in training auditors how to write audit issues, reports and white papers. This webinar will go beyond where other classes have gone and focus on the disciplines of writing effective audit observations. These disciplines, when put into practice, will result in enhanced messaging and motivational delivery of audit issues, great and small. Better written communication means better credibility and enhancement of the audit brand.


An auditor who cannot deliver a message is not a successful auditor. There is an art to writing issues, audit reports and white papers and this webinar explores that art. Based on skills used by famous writers and communication techniques developed by successful auditors we will explore certain practices and disciplines that will assure enhanced written communication. This webinar is designed specifically for those auditors who want to be a step ahead of others in influencing management and ensuring recommendations are implemented. That being said, this is not the traditional audit writing session and we will not be rewriting anyones work. We will, however, learn new writing techniques and skills that will serve to elevate the quality of our written word.


Attendees will benefit from years of experience in writing, reviewing and editing audit issues, reports and memos. In addition, utilization of blogging skills and formal writing techniques will combine to provide a unique learning experience. Not only will the basic processes of writing be covered but we will also discover how literary giants can provide inspiration and guidance for business writing so that audit reports tell a story not just relate facts. Participants will learn how to write audit issues effectively by focussing on what needs to be said, how it can be said and for good measure, discover those things that should not be written.


Participants will learn the techniques required to write audit reports. Unlike other writing courses we will not focus on rewriting audit issues. Rather we will focus on developing new disciplines required for successful audit writing.


• Audit Analysts
• Internal Auditors
• External Auditors
• Quality Control Staff
• Members of the Board of Directors
• Consultants
• Audit Directors
• Audit Managers


Years of Experience: 30+ years

Areas of Expertise: Audit and Risk Review

Dan has over 30 years in financial service industry.  Beginning his career in 1982 and spending over 25 years within Citibank, he was exposed to national and international banking, primarily focusing in consumer, small business and retirement services.  During his last 12 years at Citibank, he was an active leader in the Audit and Risk Review department.  His audit and risk career at Citibank culminated when he resided in Miami and Mexico City and was responsible for auditing all $400B consumer banking activities located in Latin America, including the largest bank in Mexico, Banamex.

After leaving Citibank, Dan has held senior audit positions in First Union (Director of Consumer Bank Auditing), USAA, (Chief Auditor), Sterling Financial Services (Chief Auditor) and GE Capital (Director of Professional Practices, Director of Americas Audit and Interim Chief Auditor). For the past three years he has been the Director of Internal Audit at Washington Trust Bank

Dan is active in the IIA and the RMA and is a published contributor to industry practice. Presently Dan holds three certifications and is a strong advocate of progressive risk based audit processes. He is the owner of THECRABBYAUDITOR.com, a site dedicated to auditor personal development and recently published “Dare to be Different: An Auditor’s Personal Guide to Excellence” to wide acceptance throughout the audit community.

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