How to Effectively Interview Candidates: Behavioral-Based Interviewing

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    Speaker: Tonia Morris

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    Duration: 60 Minutes
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    Level: Intermediate

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When it comes to job interviews, candidates have mastered the interviewing process. They’ve reviewed the job descriptions closely and know how to use key words in their interview. They’ve read reviews from other applicants on Glassdoor, and they’ve studied up on job interview strategies via YouTube. So, how do you separate those who have prepared well from those who will truly be the best fit for the job?

Behavior-based interview is the best way to assess how candidates have performed in the past and assess if they can really do the job they are applying for.


Organizations are not only challenged with attracting candidates to their organization, many are having difficulty finding the right fit for their organization. If you are new or challenged with identifying the right candidates for your organization this webinar will help you learn how to hire employees effectively.

Do you know how to ask questions to get the most from candidates? Would you like the candidates doing most of the talking? If you answered YES to either question this is a must-attend webinar for you.


•  What behavioral based interview is, how it was developed, and why it works
•  How to conduct a behavioral interview
•  How to select and organize your questions—so no one is “faking it”
•  How to determine what you’re really looking for – and how to craft questions to get the answers you need
•  How to use behavioral interview questions and answers to test for cultural fit
•  Why consistency is important and how to make sure you’re staying on track with all candidates
•  How to evaluate your behavioral interview progress and improve your system going forward


Participants will learn the importance of using behavioral based interview to assess the candidates in the right manner. Participants will also learn to craft questions to evaluate past performance, skills and abilities of candidates.


Anyone responsible for hiring:
•  Recruiter
•  HR Managers
•  Managers
•  Office Manager


Years of Experience: 20+ years

Areas of Expertise: Building a Multi-Generational Work Culture

Tonia Morris is the founder and owner of Simply HR, LLC, an HR consulting company which assists small to medium sized organizations in transforming their organization by embracing a multi generation culture.

The author of Compassion@Work, and a frequently sought after speaker, trainer and consultant, Tonia is known as the Generational Connector who builds culture that is Generational Inclusive.

Tonia is very active in the HR community and serves as a board member for NABWIC. She has held positions as Executive HR Professional for both private and public sectors.

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