Critical Thinking and Decision-Making Strategies for Managers

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    Speaker: Mélanie Hope

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    Duration: 90 Minutes
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    Level: Intermediate

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This webinar will teach you how to identify and overcome logical fallacies. It will explore and debunk long-held myths that get in the way of creative problem solving. It will offer innovative solutions for critical thinking in today’s workplace. Finally, this webinar will strengthen your critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills with a system that leads you to the best answers for all involved.


The workforce, leadership styles in management, and business itself has changed drastically and swiftly in recent years. Many leaders have been thrown into the fray with little to no leadership education, or — almost as bad — old methods that no longer apply to the robust and diverse business world of today. As a leader, every decision you make — whether well-thought-out or in the moment — will have lingering effects on your entire staff. This webinar will teach you how to ensure that you are exploring every option and leading in the most effective way for your team.


•  How to pinpoint the real problem
•  How to make the best decision
•  How to get your team on board


How to effectively identify, explore, and solve problems using critical thinking skills.


•  Mangers
•  Team Leaders
•  Business Owners
•  Supervisors
•  Parents


Years of Experience: 20+ years

Areas of Expertise: Business Writing

With more than 20 years of experience in the corporate/techworld, Mélanie has learned hands-on the importance of clear, concise writing. As a published author, corporate trainer, and world traveler, she has honed her presentation skills to reach a diverse audience. As an award-winning comedienne, she helps participants learn and remember essential skills while having fun throughout the journey.

Mélanie currently writes for multiple clients, speaks all over the world, hosts a weekly radio program, and still takes time to tutor local children in her home town of fabulous Las Vegas. She lives with her husband, a former Marine and current professional actor; her spokesdog, Abigail (who helps with the presentations); and her two vociferous cats, Max and Phrytzie.

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