How to Turn Disengaged and Disruptive Employees (DDEs) into Star Performers and Eventually into Brand Ambassadors

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    Speaker: Larry Johnson

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It has been said that people are your greatest resource – and it’s true. Great organizations are made up of great people. It is also true, however, that:

  • One non-performer can lower the standards of performance for everyone
  • One bad actor can affect the morale of those around him/her
  • One disruptive character can make life miserable for those who work with him/her and especially for you

In this program, you’ll learn techniques to deal effectively with these problem children so they either become productive members of your team, or they go away.


If you have one or more disruptive or disengaged employee on your team that you would like to see turned around, this webinar is for you.


Determining Your Strategy

  • Creating a culture of positive accountability
  • Employee recognition ideas and developing a fresh approach to rewarding the behaviors you want
  • Asking one question that will tell you how to proceed for motivating disengaged employees
  • Knowing three factors you must consider to determine if the person is worth the energy required to save them
  • Keeping them or firing them – a simple method for calculating the trade-offs
  • How to formulate employee engagement and productivity strategies

Conducting The Intervention

  • Preparing yourself so you’re likely to succeed
  • Six steps to follow that will raise the odds your DDE will change
  • Dos and Don’ts that will reduce the odds you’ll end up in court

Following Up

  • A sure-fire technique for dealing with behavioral slippage
  • When and how to cut your losses
  • Respite for your conscience – why you shouldn’t beat yourself up for doing what’s right


  • Learn 6 key steps to confront and turn around unacceptable behaviors
  • Learn how to deal with disengaged employees
  • Learn employee recognition ideas for motivating disengaged employees
  • Learn how to turn disengaged employees into brand ambassadors


Anyone who has Disengaged and Disruptive Employees reporting to them.


Years of Experience: 30+ years

Areas of Expertise: Leadership, Organization Culture, and Employee Development

For thirty years, Larry Johnson has been helping organizations create more productive cultures through the development of strong leaders and dedicated employees. He has received rave reviews from more than150,000 business, government, and health-care professionals in every state in the union, as well as

in Great Britain, China, Indonesia, Central America and Australia for his presentations on the topics of leadership, change, customer service, and honesty in business. Additionally, Larry has eight years of real life experience as a manager in health care, three years as a manager in city government, and 30 years as president of his own consulting firm.


Larry is the coauthor of the highly acclaimed, top-selling business ethics book, Absolute Honesty: Building A Corporate Culture That Values Straight Talk And Rewards Integrity and the landmark guide to managing inter-generational conflict, Generations Inc., From Boomers To Linksters, Managing the Friction Between Generations at Work. 

Larry has been quoted in CNN Tech, the Wall Street Journal and the Harvard Business Review. He has appeared on CNN and has written more than 200 published articles on the topic of improving organizational culture.


Among many others, Larry has spoken for Rocky Mountain Governmental Purchasing Association, NAA (National Association of Realtors, National Apartment Association), IREM (Institute for Real Estate Management), Virginia Apartment Association, Westinghouse, General Electric, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Intel Corporation, Southwest Airlines, American Express, McDonald’s Corporation, Federal Express, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, the American Health Care Association, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.


  • M.A. Counseling Psychology - Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff AZ
  • B.A. Education - Arizona State University, Tempe AZ


  • 4 years in health care management
  • 7 years as training manager in government and the private sector
  • 30 years as president of his own training and consulting firm

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