Data Visualization in Excel: Mastering Traditional and Advanced Charts

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    Speaker: Mike Thomas

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    Duration: 60 Minutes
    Product Code: 50875
    Level: Intermediate

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"Every Picture Tells a Story" is a popular saying which is true not only in everyday life but in Excel too. Behind your set of numerical data is a story waiting to be told. The telling of this story needs to be to-the-point, easy to understand and engaging.

Data visualization is the representation of numerical data in a visual format so that your audience can quickly and easily understand it and gain insight from it.

This Excel data visualization training will cover one area of data visualization in Excel - Charts.

You will learn how to create, enhance and customize charts from your Excel data. We will start with traditional charts such as bar charts and line charts, before moving on to advanced Excel charts such as combo charts, excel Sparkline Charts and The People Graph.


It's time to get your Excel-related business and communication skills up to date and learn how to use it to present data in the modern world. This session will get you started with data visualization techniques.


• Charting 101 - create a basic bar chart/line chart/pie chart
• From drab to fab — enhance and customize a basic chart
• Adding and repositioning chart elements
• Creating dynamic headings and text blocks
• Removing unwanted elements from a chart
• Changing colors and setting transparency
• Using images instead of colors in your bars
• Create a combination chart (a combined line and bar in a single chart)
• Dynamic charts — save time by automating the process of adding new data to a chart
• Creating Excel Sparkline charts (small charts embedded in a cell. Ideal for showing trends. Very useful in Dashboards)
• Creating Excel Infographics using the built-in People Graph


• Learn how to select the most appropriate chart to convey your message
• Learn how to create a chart from a set of data
• Learn how to change the appearance of a chart (adding text, changing colors, fonts and more)
• Learn how to enhance your message by using images within charts


This training is categorized as basic-to-intermediate. It is aimed at users who have little or no knowledge of data visualization in Excel.

Attendees should be familiar with how to navigate around an Excel workbook and how to enter and edit data.

Although the training will be delivered using the latest version of Excel, this training is relevant for users of Excel 2010 and above.


Years of Experience: 30+ years

Areas of Expertise: Microsoft Office and Apple Mac

Mike Thomas has worked in the IT training business since 1989. He is a subject matter expert in a range of technologies including Microsoft Office and Apple Mac. In 2012, he founded where he has produced nearly 200 written and video-based Excel tutorials. He has recorded several Excel training courses for and in his career delivered hundreds of courses and webinars on a variety of Excel topics.

Mr. Thomas is a Fellow of The Learning and Performance Institute and has worked with and for a large number of global and UK-based companies and organizations across a diverse range of sectors. In addition to training, he also designs and develops Microsoft Office-based solutions that automate key business tasks and processes.

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