Blockchain: Why Does Everyone Keep Talking About It and Why It Matters

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    Speaker: Shawn McBride

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    Duration: 60 Minutes
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    Level: Intermediate

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In this webinar we will explore what is blockchain, what is the definition of this technology and what does it mean.

We will then go into looking at what are the applications and use cases of blockchains, and what this technology means to the business world. Real use cases, both current and contemplated, for blockchain will be discussed along with market efforts to get blockchain utilized and implemented on a larger scale.

You will also look at what these changes and market uses can mean to the entire business ecosystem. The webinar will allow participants to think about how those changes may impact their particular industry or business. We will be looking forward to the future and will know why blockchain really matters.

You can plan to walk away from this webinar with an overview of blockchain technology and what are the applications and use cases of blockchains for the entire business world.


Many believe the blockchain will change the business world.

  • It's not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’. How will your business be impacted?
  • What will it mean for the future of your viability and sales?

Some have linked blockchain to the next internet -- a technology that will change the way we all work together in the future.

Something that will become so fundamental that all of us will have to use it and will be conversant in it. With such a fundamental technology on the horizon, it really makes sense for today's business leaders to get familiar with this technology and with what it can mean for the future.

Watching what might be such a fundamental technology that everybody needs is important to the future of your business. Those that do not understand it may lose out with certain customers.
Today some of the largest organizations in the world are already working on implementing blockchain technology in their operation. The sales implications are clear -- if you cannot serve these customers and speak with them about this fundamental technology that they are using, your business may suffer.

Even if you don't directly work with some of the largest companies, you probably work with some of their suppliers or customers and the top down push for today's technology may come to impact your business.


The session will cover what blockchain is, what it means and what the future is.

What blockchain is: we will start by covering what blockchain means and what it really does for business. This term is thrown around a lot and if you try to use a blockchain tutorial you'll often see that blockchain is made to be a very complicated and difficult to understand technology. However we will start with the simplest version of what blockchain is, what it can do and what it can mean to your business.

What it means: simply knowing what blockchain is only does so much. The next step is understanding what it means to business and how it can impact operations. Why are so many people so excited about this technology? Why are so many people putting so much effort in it? Why do people think it fundamentally can change the business world? We will explore all of that in this session of make sure that everybody understands what blockchain may mean to business.

What the future is: we will go beyond looking at just what blockchain could mean to the business world to look to the future of a world with blockchain. What will the business ecosystem look like? Who will win and who will lose? What industries are up for disruption and which industries are up for growth? And how can we prepare our businesses today to be the leaders of the future in this new world that many anticipate are coming?

We will take the discussion beyond theoretical to practical uses of this technology and things that we can start planning on today. Don't expect a lot of talking over your head; expect to learn tips and tricks that you can take into your next strategic planning meeting with your organization.


Participants in this training will get a general overview of blockchain technology, what it can do and what are the real life implications.

There is much talk about the blockchain technology and a lot of speculation, and much of the material is overly technical. This program is designed to make blockchain simple and understandable so that the business leaders and business owners can understand how does blockchain work and start thinking about how to use blockchain in the future of their business and operations.


  • CEOs
  • Project Managers
  • Division Heads
  • Business Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Small Business Owner


Years of Experience: 20+ years

Areas of Expertise: Business Strategy Planning

The Our Shawn McBride is an attorney and business strategist. He is the host of the Future Done Right™ YouTube channel and is a frequent speaker about business strategy planning particularly with a focus on the future of business. The Our Shawn began his career at some of the largest law firms in the United States practicing in such an environment for approximately one decade. After leaving the large law firms,The Our Shawn started his own boutique law firm and later a business strategy firm.

The Our Shawn was educated at the University of Maryland School of Law and graduated with a  JD from such institution. Prior to attending the University of Maryland School of law he studied accounting and finance as a double major at Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland.

He is an attorney licensed in 12 States and Washington, DC and he's also a certified public accountant licensed in three states. He was a graduation speaker at Towson University and graduated with honors from the University of Maryland School of Law.

His professional work is always focused on the ownership and control of business issues like mergers, capital raising for business, partnership agreements, and contract negotiations - and these are items that he typically deals with in his law firm. He's been known to be a go-to authority on business planning and execution. And that's where his consulting and speaking has focused: what is the future of business and how do we plan for the future of business. You’ll often see The Our Shawn  leading seminars or discussion about the future of business and how businesses should be planning today for the future business.

The Our Shawn  is the author of multiple books including Business Blunders, It's About Time, Top Sales Lessons, and The Future of Sales. You can find his titles on Amazon or you can check him out at Additionally many people enjoy tuning into his Future Done Right™ Show  which airs on the Future Done Right™ YouTube channel and can be found at

The Our Shawn has been an advocate of women in business and issues with balancing our teams for a long time. The Our Shawn delivered his TEDx  talk on the advantages of women in business long before the start of the latest iteration of the #metoo movement. You can find his tedx talk at

Frequent topics at The Our Shawn covers include legal issues for business owners and leaders, being an influencer of tomorrow, women in business, the future of business, effectively using personality assessments in business, and hosting and growing events. He has YouTube Channels dedicated to move of these topics.

The Our Shawn often matches his passions with his business interest. You'll see him doing projects in the automotive industry and you'll see him frequently writing articles and content about how to balance various interests in work and in business.  His work with Shannon J. Gregg and It's About Time and their related work at all focuses on how to prioritize your business and your life to accomplish your goals and dreams.

Among other things, The Our Shawn  is noted for wearing unusual suits in a tire (you can see some examples as to drive home the concept that business leaders should Do Business Differently(R) and utilize their uniqueness in business. You’ll notice that much of his work has the theme of embracing individuals and teams’ differences in business.

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