Business Credit Analysis Reports: What They Should Include

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    Speaker: Vincent DiCara
    Date: Wednesday, May 1st
    Time: 01:00 PM EDT | 10:00 AM PDT

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    Duration: 90 Minutes
    Product Code: 50826
    Level: Intermediate


This webinar will focus on the elements of a complete credit analysis report and concentrate on the 5 c's of credit analysis — capacity (or cashflow), collateral, conditions, capital, and character.


You should attend this webinar to learn more about the 5 c's of credit worksheet, which form the basis for all business credit analysis reports. Learning about these will mitigate the fear that some presenters have when presenting loan requests. Understanding the 5 c’s of credit analysis will also eliminate the uncertainty that some presenters have when presenting proposals before Loan Committees.


  • The 5 c’s of credit analysis
  • Marketing sources
  • The importance of understanding the competition
  • USA (Unique Selling Advantage)
  • Marketing a business
  • Understanding financial information
  • Evaluating projections
  • Tools to evaluate individuals to determine their character


This webinar will help you learn how to construct complete business credit analysis reports for submission to a loan committee or other decision-making body.


  • Credit Analysts
  • Loan Officers
  • Business Development Personnel
  • Loan Committee members
  • Branch Managers
  • Members of Boards of Directors


Vincent DiCara is currently the owner of DiCara Training and Consulting LLC which he established in January of 2013.  Formerly, he was the co-owner and founder of Development Finance Training and Consulting, Inc. (DFTC) which he established in 2003.  Mr. DiCara has been involved in evaluating the credit needs of businesses for thirty years as a business advocate, lender, credit analyst and trainer.  Since 1995, Mr. DiCara has developed and conducted a wide variety of training programs for individuals who work in the financial services industry sector.  His training clients include organizations in the credit union, banking, economic development, and community development fields.  Mr. DiCara's training programs have become known for their ability to foster an informal and participatory environment in which students are empowered to learn.

Mr. DiCara is a graduate of Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine and received a Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of Maine.  A native of Boston, Massachusetts, he has been a resident of the State of Maine for the last thirty-eight years.

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