"Heal Thyself” from Chronic Stress and Burnout: Practical Strategies to Improve Well-being

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    Speaker: Dr. Steve Romano

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    Duration: 60 Minutes
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One-third (35%) of American workers experience chronic work stress! Too much stress over sustained periods without renewal can lead to burnout. Burnout often results in feeling less connected with others, decreased productivity, and, frankly, a lack of joy in life.

Learn to re-engage by staying alert, practicing self-care, and act from where you are (rather than where you want to be!). Recognize the symptoms of chronic work stress and burnout and strategies to get you moving in the right direction.

Are you ready to heal thyself?


Individuals and leaders often experience high stress and yet do not know what the symptoms of chronic work stress are or where to begin to take control of their situation. They may not have access to resources or the information to be informed.

They doubt they can change. Leading research, best practices, and strategies and tools will be offered to recognize the symptoms of chronic work stress and burnout, and tips will be given on how to relieve stress.


  • Current state of workplace stress
  • Personal signs of fatigue, stress, and burnout
  • Ways to improve leadership effectiveness
  • Ways to improve well being


  • 3 warning signals of burnout and chronic stress
  • Greater understanding of the consequences of stress and burnout
  • Signs of a high stress culture and what you can do about it
  • 3-strategies to build hardiness and ways to improve wellbeing


Anyone (leaders at all levels) experiencing high stress and looking for tools to increase their wellbeing – improving leadership effectiveness is a key way to do this and it tied to self-awareness. People curious about the topic or who are responsible for others who may be looking for tools, practices, and resources.


Years of Experience: 20+ years

Areas of Expertise: Leadership and Management

Dr. Steve Romano is Managing Director of OLISTICA: Center for Sustainable Leadership. OLISTICA is guided by the notion of unleashing inner wisdom with purposeful action to achieve breakthrough results.

Steve is a Certified Executive Coach with leadership experience at 3 Fortune 500 companies including Novartis, Biogen Idec,

and Thermo Fisher Scientific. He has led teams from start-up to providing leadership consulting services to 15,000 individuals globally.

Steve is also on faculty and teaches leadership and management courses at Alliant International University, in San Diego, CA.

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