Handling Domestically Violent Employees: How to Keep Up Employee Productivity and Organizational Safety

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    Speaker: Lynn Fairweather

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    Duration: 90 Minutes
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Statistically speaking, most large companies have hundreds or even thousands of domestic abusers in their workforce at any given time. These employee-perpetrators can present numerous safety, financial, and legal risks to their employer, particularly if they work alongside their victim. Learn how to identify abusers, and assess and manage the risks they pose while gaining a deeper understanding into how they impact your business.

Focus features of this unique, multimedia training include compliance and liability issues, domestic violence policy for employers, proactive policy recommendations, helpful batterer resources, domestic violence prevention tips and practical security measures to enhance safety throughout the entire workplace.

Attendees will improve their knowledge of employer responsibilities and protections, develop crucial risk evaluation and mitigation skills, and gain fresh new insights into handling this complex and dangerous threat.


More than half of women (and many men) have experienced physical, sexual, or severe emotional abuse during their lifetime and most of these victims are employed, as are their abusers. When both show up to their jobs, the abuse and harassment often follow, emerging as domestic violence “spillover” in the workplace. The spillover spectrum ranges from repetitive phone calls on the mild end, to mass shootings on the extreme. Of course, violent incidents are a primary concern, but the impact of domestic violence in the workplace reaches far beyond human safety alone.

Abuser employees have higher absenteeism and lower employee productivity rates than non-abuser employees. Employees who batter at home create a significant liability risk at work, as employers face everything from OSHA violations to multi-million dollar post-incident lawsuits.

Employers should attend this training because while it is within their power to address and defeat the insidious enemy of violence in the workplace, they can’t do it without understanding the nature of their opponent and knowing exactly what tools to use in the battle against it.


This first part of this training will be devoted to learning about the abuser as employee and developing an understanding of the impact of domestic violence in the workplace. Areas of concentration include safety risks, compliance and liability issues, performance impact, and common employer held myths. Participants will examine real life case studies featuring abuser employees and discover the targeted violence warning signs that may have been present in those situations.

The segment ends with a discussion on how workplace violence policy can be used to deter and deal with abusive employees.


At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the safety, economic, and liability risks that domestically violent employees present
  • Learn domestic violence prevention tips and explain how to recognize, respond to, and refer domestically violent employees
  • Demonstrate knowledge of employer responsibilities and protections when addressing domestically violent employees
  • Identify new ideas to increase on-the-job safety for the entire workplace


  • Human resources and management professionals
  • Security personnel
  • Wellness and safety professionals


Years of Experience: 24+ years

Areas of Expertise: Domestic Violence Response and Prevention 

Lynn Fairweather, MSW is an abuse survivor who has worked in the domestic violence response and prevention field for over 24 years. In her role as president of Presage Consulting and Training she provides expert guidance and education to professionals in both the public and private sector, ranging from the federal government to multinational Fortune 500 corporations. Presage services include domestic violence threat assessment and management training, workplace violence program and policy consultations, and 24/7 threat response for employee cases. Before founding Presage in 2008, Lynn earned a bachelor’s degree in Social Science and a master’s degree in Social Work.

Her skills in domestic violence threat assessment were developed by working on thousands of high risk cases through positions in social service, criminal justice, university, and shelter systems. Lynn has served on several interpersonal violence task forces and facilitated both victim support groups and batterer’s intervention programs.

As President of Oregon VAWPAC, Lynn leads America’s only bi-partisan political action committee focused on ending violence against women. She is an active member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals and holds training certifications from Homeland Security’s Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and Gavin de Becker’s Advanced Threat Assessment Academy. Locally, she donates her time to train domestic violence organizations as a way of giving back to the advocacy field where she began her career. Lynn also writes professionally on the subject of domestic violence, releasing her first book in 2012 (Stop Signs: Recognizing, Avoiding, and Escaping Abusive Relationships” Seal Press) and appearing as a featured author in Asta Publishing’s 2015 compilation “Tales of Women Survivors”.

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