Is Your Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty? Turning Negativity into Positivity

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    Speaker: Tim Connor

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    Duration: 90 Minutes
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    Level: Intermediate

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There are three types of people in the world – Yes people, No people and Maybe people.

  • Yes people live longer, are more successful, are happier, have inner peace, and have more connections with others than either the no or maybe people.
  • No people (pessimists) tend to get sick more and are less productive than yes people.
  • Maybe people tend to spend their time, energy and resources striving for the approval and acceptance of others. As a result they have more and greater disappointments and frustration in their careers, relationships and life in general.

During this session Tim shares proven and contemporary approaches, ideas and techniques on how to overcome negative thoughts, and deal with negative people to spend more time and energy on life’s positives thereby achieving greater success & happiness.


Sooner or later we all face adversity, failure, disappointments and challenges that can send us into discouragement, despair and negative emotions, feelings and responses.

No one is immune to these life trials. Regardless of your age, gender, financial status or any other life circumstance we have a choice – let these external factors, circumstances or people control us or we can learn to control our reactions and response to them.


  • The source and contributors to individual and group attitudes
  • Why and how mindsets are formed and their impact
  • Why some people accept life’s negatives due to conditioning factors or environment and others don’t
  • How to stop negative thinking
  • The iceberg effect and its influence on decisions, choices and action
  • Simple steps to change attitudes, mindsets and behavior
  • Letting go of what isn’t working
  • Lifestyle choices and how to turn a negative situation into a positive one
  • Improved individual (where appropriate) attitudes and performance
  • Increased individual & organization effectiveness
  • More positive solutions to challenges and adversity
  • Increased creativity to growth ideas and concepts
  • Improved communication clarity and integrity
  • Creative problem solving
  • A better decision process
  • Clearer and embraced personal vision, purpose and goals
  • Creative mantras, lifestyle approaches and psychological anchors


  • The consequences of negativity
  • The contributors to negativity
  • The benefits of positivity
  • How to change destructive mindsets
  • How to stop self destructive behavior
  • How to turn negative into positive


  • Executives
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Sales Personnel
  • Customer Service
  • Business Development Executives
  • Marketing, Recruiting
  • Management
  • Public Relations
  • Students
  • Business Professionals


Years of Experience: 35+ years

Areas of Expertise: Individual and Organizational Performance

Tim is the President and CEO of Connor Resource Group and Peak Performance Institute.  He has been a full time professional speaker, trainer, coach, consultant and bestselling author for over 35 years. During his career he has given over 4000 presentations in twenty-five countries around the world to a wide variety of audiences.

Each year over 85% of his presentations are return engagements for the same clients on such topics as peak performance management, effective leadership, customer focused sales strategies, personal motivation, value driven customer service and building positive business and personal relationships. 

Each year he also facilitates a number of strategic planning events and meetings for many of his clients.  He is a results oriented business coach and consultant working with a select few clients each year helping them improve their individual and organization performance.  Tim has been a member of the National Speakers Assn. for many years and he is one of only 400 Certified Speaking Professionals in the world today.

He is the best selling author of over 80 books including several international best sellers, Soft Sell (The Number One Best Selling Sales Book In The World now In 23 Languages and with sales over one million copies), Life Is Short, Success is a Decision,  81 Management Challenges, Your First Year in Sales and Corporate Disconnect. 

Tim’s international clients range in sales from 1 million to over 80 billion a year and come from a wide variety of industries including; food, manufacturing and distribution, housing and construction, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, technology and communication, and personal and professional services.  His presentations are filled with insightful and contemporary ideas and are presented in a riveting, thought-provoking and entertaining style.

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