How to Implement an Effective Wellness Program

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    Speaker: Meaghan Jansen

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    Duration: 60 Minutes
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We know a healthier workplace is important now more than ever. With plenty of health promotion available, are our health trends changing? This session will explore best ways to achieve a healthy workplace by understanding how to start a corporate wellness program and identifying three main areas of health and wellness programs implementation to provide an effective, highly engaging, and results-based wellness program.


Today, there are digital apps that can track sleep, how many steps someone takes, and how happy people are, but are people really changing their behaviours and has the status and the health profile changed? NO! People are sicker than ever and need support at work.

In assessing the health risk profile of organizations – from healthy to low risk, at risk, high risk, and then early symptoms and active disease, 20 per cent of employees those with early detected symptoms and active disease, generate 80 per cent of the costs. That means 80 per cent of the employee base is only costing 20 per cent of the cost. However, 75 per cent of these disease states are preventable and this is where a preventative, proactive approach to wellness is where things are going.

Historically, there was a broadstroke approach to workplace wellness, the “one-size fits all mentality”. Today we know one size fits nobody and wellness programs at work need to fit the needs and interests of different organizations.


  • Know how to implement an effective wellness program by first, defining the WHY. Often mistakes are made in implementation without this important question answered!
  • Then, learn best practices in building a meaningful strategy for employee wellness programs.
  • Finally, identify best ways to ensure the program is sustainable through effective communication strategies, consistent messaging and continued leadership support.


Best strategies for implementing a wellness program in the workplace through building a strategy, garnering the right support and sustaining the message for success.


  • Human Resources
  • Wellness Champions within a workplace
  • Person responsible for coordinating internal wellness program
  • Executive leaders
  • Employee Benefits Consultants/Brokers


Years of Experience: 15+ years

Areas of Expertise: Corporate Wellness

Meaghan Jansen is the owner of a Canadian employee and corporate wellness company called, Employee Wellness Solutions Network ( She and her husband have been in business for 15 years and live in London, ON with their two children.

Meaghan completed her BSc. (biology and psychology) and BA. (Sport and Exercise Psychology) at the University of New Brunswick before completing her MSc. (Exercise Nutrition in Kinesiology) at the University of Western Ontario.

Meaghan is passionate about sharing the message of healthy living at work. She is a Corporate Wellness Specialist and has presented all over the world with the message of optimizing health and wellness. She is an interest group leader with the International Association for Workplace Health Promotion, a presenter for American College of Sports Medicine and an advisory board member of the Canadian Academy of Lifestyle Medicine. She has also presented at several Human Resources Professional Associations, Employee Benefits Specialists chapter events, the Schedule 2 Employer Group Conference, Northwind’s Health Invitational Forum and Benefits Trends & Insights in Canada. Meaghan is passionate about healthy living and her presentation style is indicative of this. Her family is very active and lives the message of healthy balance!

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