Jump Start New Employee and Retain Key Employees Through Mentorship: How to Improve Performance and Retention

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    Speaker: Barbara J Bruno

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Finding top talent continues to be challenging and often positions are open longer than anticipated.  As a result, it is important to jump start a new hire’s performance.

The onboarding process must continue through the new hire’s first three months of employment.  What happens during their initial months on a new job accurately predicts the level of success they will experience after their initial 90 days.

When a new hire achieves success early, during thetransition period of a new job, environment and company culture, they becomeengaged, productive and are more likely to be retained.

Another important element in retaining new hires is implementingmentoring plan for new employees.  New employees want to establish their value as quickly as possible, so they can succeed and thrive in their new working environment.  An assigned mentor from your company can provide great support in this process.

However, with millennials representing the majority in the workforce there is a new era of mentoring. As millennials continue to evolve the workplace there are different styles of mentorship programs at work which can be implemented to retain these new hires.


When you hire the best possible people, you want them to become productive, engaged and retained.  Your onboarding, employee retention strategies and mentoring process must be updated and effective.  The stakes in today’s competitive job market are simply too high to do otherwise.

After your hire top talent, your onboarding process should help them experience early success, so your new hires don’t become a turnover statistic in the critical first six months, when turnover is highest.


This training will provide you with seven specific strategies to jump start new hires.   You will learn how to personalize your onboarding to jumpstart the performance of your new hires, which impacts their level of engagement.

You will also learn the importance of effective mentoring programs in the workplace for your new hires and how the millennials who now represent the majority in the workforce are responsible for a new era of mentoring.

If you want to improve performance and retention, you should attend this training.


This webinar will outline specific strategies you can implement to personalize onboarding.  Strategies shared will help you jumpstart a new hire’s performance and engagement.  You will learn how mentoring helps you retain new hires through the volatile first six months, when most turnover occurs.  In addition, learn how non-traditional mentoring will retain millennials, who are now the largest generation in the workforce.


VP of HR, Chief Learning Officer, Human Resource Professionals, Talent Acquisition Professionals, Recruiters, Hiring Managers, Business Owners/Entrepreneurs or anyone else involved in the Interviewing and Hiring Process.


Barb is internationally recognized as one of the top experts in the Staffing and Recruiting, Talent Acquisition and Sales Professions.  She has created fourteen recruiting and talent acquisition courses for LinkedIn Learning, which have been approved for their Enterprise clients’ continuing education curriculum.  She also participates in the LinkedIn Insider Group.

Barb writes continuing education courses for Tech Serve Alliance, the National Association of Personnel Services and the CPA Profession through CPD Formula Canadian.

Barb has developed web-based training programs that are distributed in several countries and 100% of her Tutor clients have increased efficiency and profits.  She writes for numerous publications and authors one of the most widely read online publications, The No BS Newsletter. She has authored several books, created mobile apps and is often quoted as an industry expert. She also designed and authored the curriculum for the Professional Certification Program for IT and Engineering Recruiting Professionals.

Barb’s Search Firm specializes in placing Human Resource and Talent Acquisition Professionals and has placed over 10,000 people in jobs. She has developed a web-based Career Portal which improves the candidate experience.  She now helps 100% of candidates she attracts by either hiring them, placing them or referring them to her Career Portal.  Barb private labels the Career Portal for anyone involved in helping others find jobs. 

She has also held many leadership roles including:  Indiana State President for IAPC, Illinois State President of IAPC and Chairman of the Board of the National Association of Personnel Services.  She is the recipient of the Lincoln Award, Harold B. Nelson Award and was inducted in NAPS Hall of Fame. 

Barb speaks at conferences including ERE, conducts customized webinars, provides in-house training and offers executive consulting.  Her enthusiasm and passion are contagious!

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