How To Prepare HIPAA Compliant Disaster Recovery Plans. Are You Prepared?

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    Speaker: James B Wener

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HIPAA requires that the health care organization prepare and implement a disaster recovery plan.  This webinar provides you with the tools needed to meet HIPAA disaster recovery plan requirements.  The program first explains why you need the disaster plan.  The program then takes the participant through how to identify the health care organization’s priority threats and vulnerabilities.  Once those are identified the participants learn about how to address the likelihood of the event occurring and the impact of the event on the ability of the health care organization to continue providing its services. The approach then describes how the health care organization considers the time frames for which the event will impact the organization.  The organization may well have a different response for the short term impact and long term impact of the event(short and long term as defined by the organization). The preparation of the disaster plan then helps the participants determine how to prioritize the responses to events to mitigate the impact of the event.   The program addresses how the organization should continue to protect the privacy of the patient’s health information through the implementation of the HIPAA disaster recovery plan.  Finally the program helps the participant plan for recovering from running in an emergency mode to returning to the normal operating mode.


The need for a business contingency plan – or disaster plan – starts with the requirements stated in the HIPAA regulations and continues to the ability of the health care organization to sustain itself in the event of a significant event.  The disaster plan provides a road map for what to do if a major event occurs and results in a significant interruption in the ability of the health care organization to continue to provide its services.  This includes not only being able to continue serving patients, but the ability of the health care to maintain its financial stability and protect the patients’ protected health care information.  This webinar provides the basis for an organization to develop and test its HIPAA disaster recovery plan template.


  • What to do immediately in an emergency
  • How to determine what are the most important tasks to perform
  • What are risks, threats and vulnerabilities and how to assess those issues for your health care organization
  • How to determine the most important tasks to perform first
  • How to determine if the disaster plan needs to be activated
  • How to communicate with management and staff, patients, vendors
  • Managing the transition to a backup operation
  • IT issues in disaster recovery
  • HIPAA compliance issues 
  • Restoring the operation to the original environment


HIPAA regulations require the preparation and implementation of HIPAA disaster recovery plan to ensure that the health care organization continues providing health care services and protect the security and privacy of a patient’s protected health information.  Webinar participants will learn how to prepare and implement these plans to ensure the health care organization’s both HIPAA compliance and its ability to maintain its services if a significant event occurs.


Anyone involved in providing health care services, either directly or indirectly.  This includes health care organization ownership and senior management, office management, business associates, physicians, ancillary services organizations (pharmacies, labs, radiology).   Healthcare IT should also attend to understand their role in helping the healthcare organization in becoming HIPAA compliant.


Years of Experience: 40+ years 

Areas of Expertise: HIPAA Policies and Procedures

Jim Wener has over 40 years of experience in assisting health care organizations – both providers and payers- in identifying their automation requirements and helping these organizations select and successfully implement the automation most applicable for their needs.  Since 1996 he has been an active lecturer, trainer and HIPAA assessment consultant, written and implemented HIPAA Policies and Procedures and performed HIPAA training programs in helping a variety of health care providers (hospitals, payers, clinics and individual physician practitioners) become HIPAA compliant.

He developed the IBM HIPAA assessment and training products for their consulting practice.   Mr.Wener is a certified HIPAA consultant and has authored articles regarding various topics on the subject.  His HIPAA consulting practice offers comprehensive HIPAA privacy and security consulting tools, practice walkthrough assessment tools, a full set of HIPAA privacy and security policy and procedures templates, training presentations and a breach mitigation tool – all geared and used by small and large health care organizations.

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