Time Saving Tips in Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) - 3 Hour Virtual Bootcamp

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    Speaker: Marie Herman

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You work with Microsoft Office programs every day, and you think you know them. The truth is though, that most people only learn what they need to know to do their jobs and they are barely scratching the surface of what Microsoft Office includes and how they can do their jobs more efficiently. When you are crushed with an incredible workload, you simply don’t have enough hours in the day to explore the programs and identify the functions that could potentially save hours of time and effort. 

We’ll focus on time saving tips in Microsoft Office and the features that will have maximum impact on your job and help reduce the chaos of the administrative professional’s workload, taking you through Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. 

Join us for this three-hour boot camp where we will share some of the less used but incredibly useful functions that will streamline your workload and eliminate redundant steps and make you the Office Hero of your office.


Most people think they are using Microsoft Office efficiently and getting the most work done in the shortest amount of time possible. In truth though, it has been estimated that the average Office user uses just 10-30% of the programs they work on. Microsoft has stated that most of the “new feature” requests it receives for Microsoft Office are ALREADY in the program! 

You might be spending hours more time than necessary completing your tasks if you aren’t aware of the dozens of time saving tips that we will be sharing during this boot camp.  

These days, companies are often making do with less staff and it feels like there is just too much to do and too little time to do it all. When you don’t know the software features fully, your stress levels increase and your frustration grows. Who has time for that? But what if you could find an extra hour in your day (or more)? Imagine what you would do with several extra hours available to you every month. 

Learning some time saving tips for workand about the software in-depth that you use everyday will allow you to stand out on the job. Your employer will be more likely to consider you for a promotion. Even if you stay in the same job, freeing up your time through working more efficiently could allow you to add interesting and varied responsibilities to your job.


This bootcamp will cover many of the most useful features available to save you time throughout Microsoft Office. Programs reviewed will include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook and will focus on aspects like how to create pivot table in Excel, how to use PowerPoint, Microsoft Word tips and tricks, advanced excel formulas and more. 

From data manipulation tools that allow you to combine columns or split data or modify the format and appearance of your data, you’ll be a data wiz in no time. 

While you are likely already familiar with basic copy and paste, there are so many ways you can expand the functionality of that feature – from copying multiple pieces of data simultaneously to pasting as pictures, linking data seamlessly across programs, using paste to rearrange your information into new configurations or to restore necessary settings, there’s more to pasting than meets the eye. 

We’ll spend time discussing various techniques to work more effectively with graphics, whether inserting them automatically into your document or using the tools to manipulate and reposition the graphics easily in your documents. We’ll also discuss some of the editing tools available to you.

You’ll receive tips for streamlining your email in Outlook, whether through organizing functions or automated email tools or utilizing special formatting to make emails stand out better. We will also cover calendar and task management so that you can more efficiently support your executive. 

We’ll explore some of the less-known find and replace techniques available in Microsoft Word, from replacing text that varies to eliminating or modifying formatting and other behind the scenes settings. 

Discover how to create macros to eliminate redundant tasks in your workload. Then learn how to pause those macros to ask for user input to make them even more useful. 

You’ll discover shortcuts and features that you didn’t even know existed in Microsoft Office and be able to put into effect what you have learned the very next day back at your office.


• Learn about data manipulation tools that will reduce your manual data entry in Excel
• Discover incredibly useful copy and paste options to save your time and allow better collaboration between programs
• Work with graphics more efficiently to impress your boss and co-workers
• Receive tips for managing and customizing email, calendar and tasks in Outlook
• Uncover amazing find and replace techniques in Word
• Create macros to eliminate redundant tasks in your workload
• Find shortcuts to streamline your workload


• Secretaries
• Administrative Assistants
• Executive Assistants
• Customer service personnel
• Any Employees who use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook


Years of Experience: 18+ years

Areas of Expertise: Microsoft Office and Professional Development

Marie Herman, CAP, OM, ACS, MOSM is the owner of MRH Enterprises LLC. Marie is an internationally recognized professional speaker and trainer who has presented to audiences around the world on technology and professional development topics. She also leads webinars on Microsoft Office, Windows, and various other technology and topics from meeting and event planning to change management, strategic planning, communication, and more.

Marie leads online study groups to prepare candidates for the Certified Administrative Professional and Microsoft Office Specialist exams and has helped hundreds of students achieve certification. She is regularly published in Executive Secretary Magazine and has been featured in OfficePro and AdminAdvantage.

Marie holds a number of certifications related to technology (such as the Microsoft Office Specialist Master) and communication. In addition, she serves as a mentor and actively participates in several associations and organizations, including past leadership roles. Marie has more than two decades of experience as an administrative and efficiency consultant.

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