The Art of Engagement: Become a Powerful Communicator

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    Speaker: Januarie Wood

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    Duration: 60 Minutes
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The Art of Engagement can be learned by anyone willing to look at communication in a whole new way. It’s not just about acquiring great communication skills and getting your message across and it’s not just about being a good listener. It is about truly engaging and creating an experience instead of just an interaction. This seminar is about connecting with others on a human level. This does not mean getting personal; it means cutting through the surface noise and speaking to the real person in a way that invites them to rise up, respond more honestly, and be more open.  True engagement is the missing piece to a cohesive, productive team that works well unsupervised. It is the answer to pettiness in the workplace. True engagement is something that, when mastered, can influence others to change and adapt, change the work environment and, in fact, the entire culture of an organization to that of open communication, transparency, and desire to support and achieve. Everyone yearns to be seen as a valuable person. The art of engagement is a powerful tool for becoming a person of influence.


  • You should attend if you are a good communicator, but still doubt yourself  in certain groups, with certain people, or in certain situations
  • You should attend if you walk away from interactions feeling frustrated or that you didn’t quite get to the root of the issue. 
  • You should attend if you struggle with what to say when you get thrown off or if you are unsure how to respond in difficult situations and want to learn communication skills in the workplace.
  • You should attend if you areuncertain how to open channels of communication where they have been shut down or where relationships have been strained.
  • You should attend if you fear you are not heard or respected by your peers as much as you would like or if your peers or team members don’t seem comfortable sharing important information with you or if they have felt intimidated by you in the past
  • You should attend if struggle with becoming emotionally reactive in your communication.
  • You should attend if your communication style has been aggressive or domineering or abrasive in the past and you are ready to foster open communication and fully engage.
  • You should attend if you have a true desire to create and environment where people feel heard, understood, and valued.
  • You should attend if you wish to learnways to become a better communicator and a person of power and influence.


Areas covered include:

  • An understanding of effective communication skills and the power of listening fully and responding in a way that makes others feel that they matter. 
  • Ways you can gain respect and credibility from your peers through your interactions
  • Key phrases that open communication channels and when to use them. 
  • Proven techniques to feel and appear more confident communicating through any situation. 
  • Ways to ensure that you are responding with diplomacy rather than reacting or defending in order to not shut down communication.
  • Techniques to enable people to feel safe speaking and sharing with you openly and honestly, making sure they do not feel judged or shut down.
  • Keys totake the focus off of your emotions when you interact through heated situations.
  • The value of putting your ego on a shelf and how that gains you more respect, credibility, and elicits more openness. 
  • Techniques for coaxing the best out of the other person even if they have been reactionary, defensive, or negative in the past. 
  • How to become a better communicator at workand a person of influence and a voice of reason in any group or organization.


You will learn key phrases that open communication channels and when to use them. You will feel more confident communicating through any situation. You will be able to step away from becoming reactionary. You will understand the art of taking your emotions out of communication. You will walk away from interactions feeling that you took the high road. You will gain respect and credibility from your peers because you fully engaged. You will understand effective communication skillsand the power of listening fully and responding in a way that makes others feel that they are not just heard, but valued. And you will learn to invite the highest and best in the other person to come to the table.


  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Anyone who is in a position to influence others or desires to be. Anyone who aims to be a powerful leader


Januarie Wood is an award-winning speaker and international trainer. She has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX news programs for her work in stress management, weight release, and related topics and has spoken for the following organizations:

  • Kansas City School Board
  • Tusculum College
  • Cal Polly State University
  • Justice Jewelers
  • Wichita State University
  • AHP Corp
  • Various Chambers of Commerce and more

Featured articles written about Januarie's work can be found in Business Journals, 417 Magazine, The News Leader, Today's Woman, and others.

As a certified Seshim Reiki master and energy expert, she uses a variety of techniques to help clients transmute blocks that hold them back from experiencing the life they desire. She is the creator of MindMeditations, a highly-effective, multi-layered tool for change.

Januarie is also a HighVibe practitioner, communication specialist, hypnotherapist, and a certified life coach. She specializes in helping her clients understand and manifest their life purpose and live from a higher place.

As an international entrepreneur, Januarie offers intensive custom mentoring packages. Januarie speaks and conducts workshops internationally and resides in the Seattle WA area.

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