ISO 14001 Update, are you ready for transition to the updated standard on or Before 15 September 2018

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    Speaker: Vince Marchesani

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    Duration: 60 Minutes
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    Level: Intermediate

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The ISO 14001 management system has been in place for more than 10 years. This webinar will focus on the recent changes to this very successful management system. The webinar will focus on the ISO 14001 elements, policy, responsibilities, the need for a more strategic review of environmental management, an increased focus on sustainable development, more focus on environmental performance, protection of the environment, reducing pollution, the product life cycle, top management to be more involved, risk management and last what does all of this mean. If you have ISO 14001 in place at your location; or locations within your company, you know its value; therefore, attendance is a must!


You should attend to see what changes ISO has made to ISO 14001. If you have ISO 14001 in place at your facility, or your company, you already know its value; and learning the changes that have been made to improve the ISO 14001 management system is necessary if you wish to continue to use the system as a certified participant. If you do not have ISO 14001 in place you are encouraged to attend to learn how this system will help your environmental program.


The following areas will be covered in the webinar:

  • Leadership
  • Environmental performance
  • Communications
  • ISO’s common framework for management systems
  • Documentation
  • Product Life Cycle 
  • Protecting the environment

Strategic environmental management, and more


Those considering becoming involved in the ISO 14001program will take away the key elements of the program, the activities necessary to be part of the program and its benefits. Those involved in the program will take way what has changed in the update of the program and what actions that will be necessary to be re-certified in ISO 14001.


Those involved directly and indirectly involved, or those who plan to be involved in carrying out the ISO 14001 program should attend and will benefit from this program.


Years of Experience: 30+ years

Areas of Expertise: EHS Management

Dr. Marchesani’s Ph.D. is in EHS management. In his career Dr. Marchesani has developed many innovative tools for the successful management of EHS. He has implemented the ISO 14001 management system at multiple locations of a global chemical company. Dr. Marchesani published several papers, has 5 copyrights and recently published a book titled, “The Fundamentals of Crisis Management.” 

  • President and CEO of Environmental, Health and Safety International  LLC
  • VP, Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) at Basell (retired)
  • 30+ years in chemical industry
  • BS and MS degrees from Drexel University
  • PhD degree from Rutgers University
  • Worked 11 years in government writing environmental regulations
  • Holds five copyrights including three for the use of leading indicators to predict safety performance 
  • Developed EHS performance improvement and crisis management systems 
  • Published numerous papers on EHS topics and co-authored book on air pollution management
  • Published a book titled, “The Fundamentals of Crisis Management” 
  • Chaired numerous committees at the American Chemistry Council, and the Society for Plastic Industries in Washington DC
  • Instrumental in the design and implementation of EHS governance, management and leadership systems
  • Married with three children, presently living in Bonita Springs, Florida

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