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    Speaker: Keith Warwick

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Why do your projects not proceed as scheduled?   Why are people upset at you?  Why don't your employees get along?  Maybe the problem is psychological.  This course will enable you to use basic principles of psychology to make your career more effective and enjoyable.


The key to the success is communication and cooperation among the involved parties.  Without communication the progress of a project will suffer.  Good morale is necessary for a workplace to be effective and efficient.


• Make your projects not proceed as scheduled
• You do not want people upset at you
• Why don't your employees get along?
• Use basic principles of psychology to make your career more effective and enjoyable
• Mentoring and being mentored
• Temperament
• Communication skills
• Effective supervision
• How to be a good employee or consultant
• What to do with anger
• Honesty
• Enhancing morale


This course will address mentoring and being mentored, temperament, communication skills, effective supervision, how to be a good employee or consultant, what to do with anger, honesty, and enhancing morale.


Owners, executives, managers, engineers, consultants, EH&S professionals, employees.


Years of Experience: 34+ years

Areas of Expertise: Civil, Environmental and Safety Engineering

Keith Warwick, PE earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of California at Davis.  He became a California Professional Engineer in 1983 and has also held PEs in Indiana, Tennessee, Illinois and New York.  He has 34 years of civil, environmental and safety engineering experience.  He is a professor at Yuba College in Marysville California and instructor at the University of Washington, and has significant experience teaching engineering, safety and related subjects.  He has conducted several hundred construction, environmental and safety walk-throughs and audits.  He is the author of Arcadia Publishing’s, “California’s Highway 99:  Modesto to Bakersfield”.

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