Building Teamwork and Creating A Drama Free Workplace

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    Speaker: Teri Morning

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Anyone who has worked on a good team knows it makes their job more enjoyable and causes everyone to be more productive, creative and efficient. The company either reaps the benefits of teamwork or experiences the lack thereof. What many companies tout as teamwork is merely forced collaboration under threat. True teamwork requires team members wanting to be effective and that is nothing that can be accomplished via a job description.  

Yet teamwork training tends to focus on “pleasantness” or “agreeableness” of the team members as the sole determinants of building a teamwork environment. Interestingly enough, people getting along famously, while a good start, does not guarantee efficiency and effectiveness. Other factors at play require harnessing if people are to pull together and accomplish positive results. 

Yet some co-workers cannot seem to adhere to recognized principles of manners, professionalism and teamwork and would be better suited to placement in a kindergarten. Other’s behavior is so over the top that a kindergarten would kick them out.


In today’s workplace, everyone needs to be effective working in a group. Supervisors need to be effective leading groups. While those groups are typically coworkers, today’s groups might include interdepartmental projects, even projects with customers. Many groups are formed with the intention to solve problems, which ups the possibility of conflict. The need to work well in groups, lead groups, and group problem solvewill only increase as employers do more, with less people.

Employers need to give thought to creating teamwork structure vs. just adopting a wait and see attitude and hope any resultant problems will sort themselves out.


  • Defining and recognizing true teamworkvs forced cooperation.
  • The most critical item without which teamwork will never exist.
  • The things companies do that actually discourage teamwork, and encourage and reward solo endeavours.  
  • The five existing HR processes that will either add or detract from teamwork.
  • The two super tools available to Supervisors that are just good business too.
  • The four things that must be in place for teamwork to haveever a chance to flourish.
  • What to include in your recruiting practices to ensure hiring those who will exhibit good teamwork.  
  • Removing the obstacles that destroy teamwork
  • The opposite of teamwork is sabotage. How to recognize and eradicate sabotage. 
  • What to do with those who think there is only “I” in a team. 
  • What to do if the Supervisor is the biggest obstacle to teamwork


Any group of people who has ever accomplished anything required pulling together as a team. 

The dictionary defines teamwork as, “the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient.” Anyone who has worked in a positive environment knows this definition to be true. Even more so are those who know that definition to be true having worked in a group where lack of teamwork caused efficiency and effectiveness to be lacking. 

It is true that some people are just naturally better suited to working on a team than others are. Their life experiences better prepared them for working in a group. However, in today’s workplace everyone needs to be effective working in a group. 


  • HR Managers
  • HR Generalists
  • Supervisors 
  • Project Managers 
  • Business Owners and CEO's
  • Plant Managers
  • Management Personnel
  • Compensation Associates
  • CFO's


Years of Experience: 20+ years

Areas of Expertise: Human Resource Development, Performance Management, and Conflict Management

Teri Morning, MBA, MS, SHRM-SCP, is President of Hindsight Human Resources, LLC. and specializes in solving company “people problems.” 

Teri also sources software solutions for compensation and performance management. 

Twenty+ years human resource and training experience in a variety of fields, including retail, distribution, architectural, engineering, consulting, manufacturing (union), public sector and both profit and non-profit companies. 

Teri has enjoyed consulting with employers on their problems and trained managers and employees for over 20 years, meeting and working with employees from all types of businesses. 

In addition to a MBA, Teri has a Master’s degree in Human Resource Development with a specialization in Conflict Management. 

Teri was certified by the State of Indiana in mediation skills, Teri is certified in Project Management and IT Management, qualified as a Myers-Briggs practitioner and holds the SHRM certification of a Senior Certified Professional.

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