Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

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    Speaker: Oscar Gonzalez

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All companies doing business abroad must worry about the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).  This webinar will explain the FCPA ‘s reach, the upswing in enforcement cases, and guide you on how best to comply with its requirements.


Our federal government has increased enforcement of the FCPA.  Companies are commonly paying tens of millions of dollars, and often more, to settle violations.  The FCPA is enforced by the US Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission, two of the scariest agencies in our federal government.  Fortunately, compliance with the FCPA is simple.  This webinar will provide the needed guidance.


  • Enforcement Cases
  • FCPA history
  • Where to find/read the FCPA
  • SEC and DOJ enforcement
  • Why enforcement cases are increasing
  • Whistleblower exposure
  • Fines and Penalties
  • Elements of a violation and exceptions
  • Forwarder and Agent Liability
  • DOJ’s FCPA Opinion Procedures
  • Accounting and Recordkeeping
  • Best Practices


This one-hour webinar will review the history and reach of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, our nation’s main law that criminalizes the bribing of foreign government officials.


Companies doing business overseas


Oscar Gonzalez - is a founding member of GRVR Attorneys. He is an accomplished and popular speaker, invited to give speeches and to train people on a wide variety of legal topics, including corporate governance, litigation, international ethics, non-profit law, and export controls. He is also a successful litigator, having sued and defended hundreds of companies. Mr. Gonzalez received his B.A. from Columbia University and his J.D. from the University of Michigan School of Law in 1988. Mr. Gonzalez has also done graduate studies in public administration at the JFK School of Government, Harvard University, and the LBJ School of Public Administration, the University of Texas at Austin.

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