Organization and Projects with Microsoft Outlook and OneNote

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    Speaker: Neil Malek

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One of the biggest problems using Outlook is that Outlook is a communication tool more than anything else – not a storage, organization, and collaboration tool. It has been warped to store information long-term, to shuffle emails around from folder to folder to archive, and to push files back-and-forth between project stakeholders – but it is not good at any of it.

Microsoft OneNote integrates beautifully with Outlook, serving to handle its shortcomings, especially when paired with OneDrive and SharePoint for file sharing and permissions management. In this session, we’ll discuss ways to make messaging, file sharing, meetings, and tasks – the guts of a project – work much better with these tools working together. Additionally, you’ll find tools to make OneNote even more powerful, with browser extensions, mobile apps, and software add-ins. If you have Outlook, the rest of the tools we’re describing are completely free, as well as being cross-platform. 

Learn to send essential information for long-term storage and organization in OneNote. Learn to link a meeting to robust, online meeting minutes that you can share in a blink with all the attendees. Integrate assigned tasks back to the meetings and files they were created from. Bring in slides, spreadsheets, diagrams, and any other relevant information to show the full picture of the project.


Unlike many webinars, Neil’s sessions are 100% hands-on real-world examples of the skills he’s presenting. After this session, you’ll have a screenshot-laden step-by-step guide to performing the techniques we cover, as well as links to recommended apps, plug-ins and macros. You’ll be able to apply these skills directly to your work with almost no adjustment, and with a very short learning curve.


Saving, organizing, archiving, and sharing relevant information to the project:

• Build an easily navigable project wiki for FAQs and relevant information to the participants in the project.
• Make on-the-fly notes from various team members available to the rest of the team the instant they are created.
• Send contact notes and email threads to OneNote for easy-to-access online resources.

Creating perfect meeting minutes and never losing track of assignments after the meeting is over:

• Linked Meeting Notes from Outlook to OneNote for shared, collaborative meeting minutes.
• Recorded meeting audio syncing automatically with written notes, attached files, and other documentation.
• Integrating Tasks directly into the context of the meeting they sprang from.

Tracking tasks and contacts specific to the project within OneNote, and visualizing using Excel:

• Robust notes to support the task owners’ work.
• Recording relevant details to a client or vendor in a shared space for the rest of the team.
• Building a Gantt chart in Excel from Tasks.


Many people must ‘make do’ with Outlook and sheer willpower to manage their projects – proper management software is expensive for many businesses. By using OneNote – a free, flexible, and omnipresent software package that integrates seamlessly – you can turn Outlook into a very passable project management tool. It’s the depth of notes, management, and communication that is aided substantially by this pairing.


• Business Owners
• Managers
• Project Owners
• Administrative Professionals
• HR Professionals
.. and anyone trying to get something done ..


Years of Experience: 20+ years

Areas of Expertise: Microsoft Products

Neil Malek is principal at Knack Training, a software training company specializing in Microsoft products. For nearly two decades, Neil has been working with non-profits, governments, and Fortune 500 companies to identify and address skills gaps. 

Neil is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Adobe Certified Instructor, and CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer from Orlando, FL. His career, spanning from the Center from Instructional Technology and Training at the University of Florida to his current business, has led him to train on products from Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive to Adobe Acrobat and Creative Cloud, to the Google Suite for Business, and includes professional development topics like presentation design and delivery.

Neil’s work currently focuses on using Office power tools to analyse information, present it effectively, and automate business processes that would otherwise rob us of time, energy, and enthusiasm.

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