Developing a Reputation on LinkedIn for Business

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    Speaker: Teddy Burriss

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    Duration: 60 Minutes
    Product Code: 50132
    Level: Intermediate


LinkedIn is a powerful business tool and can be used to build an admirable  professional reputation by engaging with the platform the right way. The webinar focuses on how to use this platform to develop a respectable reputation for your business.


Participants will:

  • Be introduced to the correct types of content to share and engage on within LinkedIn.
  • Discover the best practices of sharing content on LinkedIn in order to impact your professional reputation in a positive way.
  • Explore the areas of LinkedIn where you should share and engage in order to get the best value.
  • Understand the best practices of sharing content on LinkedIn.
  • Discover the measurement processes needed to review how well your content is being received on LinkedIn.


  • LinkedIn Newsfeed.
  • LinkedIn Groups.
  • Sharing Content on LinkedIn.
  • Engaging on LinkedIn.
  • Messaging on LinkedIn and beyond.
  • Defining your purpose and goal of using LinkedIn as a business tool in order to be purposeful on your choices of content.


LinkedIn  is a business tool, not just a social media site. The focus of LinkedIn is professional networking, research and knowledge through the LinkedIn articles, posts and LinkedIn Groups. The ability to find people and organizations globally, across dozens of industries, rivals business tools like Hoovers, ReferenceUSA and Dun and Bradstreet in many ways. 

With a well built LinkedIn Profile and a growing LinkedIn Network of relevant connections, LinkedIn Members can begin the process of building a professional reputation on LinkedIn. This professional reputation is supported and amplified by the content you share and engage on within LinkedIn.

Using LinkedIn to become trusted and respected is an important best practice that can open doors and initiate conversations which can help you achieve your business and career goals while using LinkedIn as a business tool.

This session will help the attendees understand how to build their professional reputation while using LinkedIn.


  • Business Professionals in regulated and unregulated industries
  • Business Development and Sales Professionals
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Customer Services Professionals
  • Operational Management Professionals
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Executive Management
  • Individuals involved with recruiting and staffing


Teddy Burriss is a Certified Social Media Strategist, LinkedIn Coach, Trainer and Keynote speaker. He has been teaching the best practices and tactics of using LinkedIn as a business tool for 10 years now and each year the best practices and tactics change as this business tool changes.

Teddy is a Dale Carnegie Graduate Coach, Sandler Sales Trained Professional, Practiced Toastmaster and accomplished author. He invests time each day experimenting with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other social media tools so he can then share with others and helps them grow their business using social media.

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