The Awakened Executive: Mind & Brain Foundations for Executive Excellence

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    Speaker: Craig Polsfuss

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    Duration: 90 Minutes
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    Level: Intermediate

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Participants will take away key insights about the mind and brain that will inspire new vision and possibilities and change the rules of the game for leadership and company success.

Imagine you and your company operating in:

• A sustained “flow state”
• Unshakable (non-reactive) presence
• Positive stress-resilience
• Calm emotional grounding
• Spontaneous, creative leveraging of opportunities
• Deep listening to understand first and then respond
• Clarity and compassion in human interaction
• Decisiveness under pressure
• Ability to maintain the Big Picture
• Servant-leadership and Servant-worker perspective
• Unending openness to learning and new possibilities
• Deep insight into how people work, how to stay sane and how to communicate


Why should you attend?

• You are passionate about empowering those you lead with greater intelligence and people skills – taking the whole company to a new level.
• You know that any proven breakthrough in mind or brain functioning should be leveraged to impact the whole company’s experience, performance and success
• You are greatly intrigued by breakthroughs about the human mind and brain
• You believe that “higher consciousness” is not a gimmick – and is required for optimal performance
• You know one leader’s evolution can create a ripple effect on others
• You see yourself as being in service as a leader


The importance of higher consciousness is becoming recognized in many fields. New scientific discoveries are catapulting outcomes to astounding new levels. The field of leadership development is no different.


A Neuroscience Development: Now producing brain scans equivalent with those traditionally described as “enlightenment”

A Psychology Development: Now identifies the three core principles of mental functioning. This creates a simpler and more powerful explanation of human behavior and how to optimize well-being and human potential

“I’ve experienced more clarity, less stress, improved awareness and higher energy levels. The dramas in life have become non-issues. I am elated!”
R. L., President & CEO
“My energy and enthusiasm for my business is higher than ever! We more than doubled production and revenues during our historically slowest time of the year.”
B. L., President
“I am more engaged and effective in my leadership and negotiating skills. I am amazed at how I now view and handle challenging situations! In my personal life, I have had dramatic physical healing and more zest for life.”
J. S., Executive Director, Child Neurology Foundation
"We would spend 50 to 100 hours developing corporate identity and marketing campaigns. It now takes 5 to 10 hours. The creative experience has been totally different, and it comes alive a lot faster. It's really fun!"
Ron M., Owner & President, Marketing Company

State-of-Mind is now understood as the Core Competency of Leadership & High Performance.

It only makes sense that the leader’s state-of-mind determines whether they remember to use their other important competencies and how well they do so.

An awakened Higher Brain uses and evolves its full potential.

If the higher structures of the brain that already exist but a predominantly dormant can be energized and awakened, who knows what’s possible!

The Good News: Science has established that

All people have an innate, default resource of mental-emotional well-being, wisdom and creative ability. This resource is easily uncovered with the proper understanding. This resource also serves as the basis for highly effective

communication and relationship skills – and ultimately decision-making and leadership excellence.
All people have highly evolved brain structures that are not yet “turned on”. Turning them on opens possibilities yet undiscovered.


• Describe how the mind creates human experience and why this changes the rules for evolving satisfaction and performance
• Describe how the brain keeps people stuck in old patterns and what is required to break free
• Gain insight into implications and practical applications as a leader


Executives, Business owners, Upper management, HR & Training professionals 

Industrial Psychologists, Business coaches & consultants


Years of Experience: 25+ years

Areas of Expertise: Leadership and High-Performance

Craig Polsfuss is an integral psychologist and leadership development specialist. He is recognized as a pioneer in two leading-edge developments – one psychology-based and one neuroscience-based. He is published in professional journals on leadership and high-performance.

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