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Unleash the full potential of your business with right guidance. Training Doyens offers IT consulting services to businesses that aspire to make it big through fine-tuned strategies, cutting-edge tools and smart skills.

Consulting for Business Agility Transformation

Global markets are experiencing a continuous shift in customer expectations, regulations and competition. And, to stay on top of your game, you need to be swift in sensing and responding to the internal and external changes in your business, in way that doesn’t disrupt your vision or processes. We offer professional consulting for business agility transformation to enable your organization to become highly adaptive and deliver customer value, even though large scale and complex projects. The basic aim is to help you align the pace of your business with that of the market. With our comprehensive and customized consulting services, you can attain sustainable and measurable agility transformation in your business that results in fast and responsive delivery, and innovation, through continuous learning.

Agile, Lean and Change Management

In order to succeed in this agile and complex business landscape, your organization needs to be engaged in addressing real issues. We offer effective consulting services to help organizations develop a collaborative framework for innovation and adaptability, focused on goals. We look into it that you better grasp the concepts of Agile, Lean and Change Management, and apply them to your business processes by integrating the right tools and models for navigating through changes. Our panel of experts bring you the proficiency to create an organizational culture which delivers real value to the customers through Agile techniques. We also help you rethink and modernize your change management practices by mastering the skills to reduce risks and manage expectations, while delivering change.

Agile Transformation Skills & Talent Sourcing

Agile organizations have the ability to outperform. This stems from their central core that keeps everyone aligned with a common vision and encourages them to move beyond the silos and form a network based structure in the organization instead of the traditional pyramid. We help your organization develop the right skillset which lets you form this very core and see change as an opportunity to win the market. We understand how crucial talent sourcing is for an Agile organization and with our Agile talent acquisition services we ensure that you hire the right people for your company that not only align with but also help you maintain the rhythm of your business. We pick the right talent and coach them to fulfill your organizational needs through certified scrum master training, agile change management training, project management training and more.

Digital Advertising Services

Digital Transformation Consulting Services

In this digital era, where technological advancement is rapid, companies are striving hard to provide superior and seamless experiences to their customers. We help businesses achieve digital excellence through a wide array of digital technologies so that they can significantly improve their products and services, enhance customer experience, increase revenue and penetrate new markets. We lead you to the path of a successful digital transformation to ensure that your business efficiently keeps up with the changing customer preferences and constant product evolutions. To make our digital transformation consulting services truly impactful, we employ well researched, organized and result oriented approaches to analyze your business complexity and its changing needs. We utilize appropriate technologies like data analytics, artificial intelligence, design thinking and more to unlock the full potential of your organization

Project and Program Management Consulting Services

Project and program management is all about achieving an objective with limited resources and within a given timeframe. And, achieving success in this regard requires a lot more than perfect planning and strategies. Our program and project management consulting services aim at helping businesses streamline their processes by employing the right techniques to manage time, control budgets, resolve issues, negotiate on conflicts, communicate progress and more. We help you boost your success rate by using standardized project practices and change management strategies. We bring you years of experience and nurtured skillset to bridge the gap between your strategic intent and project/program goals. Our aim is to empower businesses to make quick operational and strategic decisions which translate into result oriented actions.

BI and Process Management Consulting Services

In this data-driven world, every bit of information on your business could be profitable for you, if you know how to analyze and interpret it. With our BI consulting services, we help you understand the critical business metrics and analyses so that you can make informed strategic decisions. We combine cutting edge tools and inventive analytics to churn out meaningful insights from data in all formats. We put together the technical expertise of experienced minds to help you select, deploy and optimize custom tools and analytics to get a consolidated view of the business and market. We also facilitate the design, implementation and optimization of effective business processes which adds value to your business while reducing the company’s expenditure. Our aim is to ensure that you get the most out of your resources, regardless of your IT and staffing challenges.