About DigiMeet

DigiMeet is an established virtual business division of Training Doyens that offers online executive boardroom meets, designed with holistic marketing and collaborative video solutions for creating lasting relationships between our elite network of top professionals from around the world and your organization.

Our unique end-user driven focus helps you stay connected with the industries’ best, having experience on definite topics that are an immediate requirement for businesses and the communities at large, for sharing their knowledge, perceptions and know-hows.

DigiMeet prides itself on creating an ethical working environment to support business development. We connect you with the people who matter to your business and ensure we bridge the gap between the customers’ requirements and the clients’ solutions.

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What we do?

DigiMeet will discuss the top trends in every industry in relation to the current crisis (COVID-19) and identify how different professionals can utilize technology, process and leadership to gain a competitive advantage in 2020.

The boardroom meetings are held online with Global Leaders and feature top professionals to create a dynamic, agile mix of thought leadership and best practice strategies.

We organize online boardroom meetings that run from 90 minutes to 2 hours using online video conferencing technology. About 15-30 Top Industry Leaders can participate in the meeting to discuss key topics that matter and interest them.

DigiMeet assists your business by connecting you with the right people and information that matters. We help you meet the right business prospects, whom you are looking to connect with, from the comfort of your house or office.


  • Be at the forefront of the latest information, strategies and leaders in your business
  • Exchange dialogues with people who matter and are trend setters in the industry
  • Create a value chain on topics that are the need of the hour
  • Get insights into your business prospects and mitigate risk in business continuity
  • Increase profits as you don’t need to travel or have other meeting expenses
  • Develop connections and remain connected with business prospects and industry peers
  • Connect with a global clientele and save on time
  • Share information and content in real time by uploading data with a few clicks
  • Boardroom archived for 3 years with your company information
  • Develop relations and stay connected with Industry Experts
  • Determine business continuity plans of the industry and Leader in the Market
  • Understand challenges and pain points that are faced by the industry today
  • Provide insights on topics that could help business continuity

Upcoming DigiMeets

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Migrate old codebases to meet modern standards with pixel-perfect mobile applications and custom designs

Rapid design thinking and imaginative development to elevate digital presence and products of businesses around the globe

Develop aesthetically creative and functionally distinctive products to attract customers in times of crisis

Taking offline success online while enhancing customers experience and building a memorable online brand.

Leveraging on AI tech to enhance Digital Business Transformation Services

Fueling organizational growth in times of COVID-19 and designing digital products

Understand and get the best digital side support that is needed for large customer business clients around the globe in COVID-19 time

Build for the future bridging the gap between business strategy and user experience

How to engineer transformative digital experiences that delight users and drive revenue in pandemic times

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Get an Enterprise-wide digital transformation, modernization, and optimization of your business IT environment

Digital Transformation that helps adopt digital processes and understand the best customer engagement models

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Facial Recognition & Temperature Detection need of the hour

The new normal for delivery and distribution post Coronavirus

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