Hone up Your Corporate Skills with
Smart Training Solutions

Having a hardworking team isn’t enough when the competition is cutthroat and market trends change overnight. Businesses, these days, need to develop a workforce that can deal with unforeseen challenges and construct uniquely fruitful strategies. Here comes the role of Corporate Training that helps you build an efficient team, powered with enhanced communication, team work and goal oriented strategies to achieve targets faster. Training Doyens’ exclusive training, rendered by industry experts, help you take that very leap you need to stay one step ahead of your competition.

Corporate Training

Why Training Doyens?

We understand how vitally a corporate training can benefit your business.
And here’s what we offer to ensure you get the best ever experience.
  • 01
    Interactive training programs by industry experts to discuss your unique business issues and prospects.
  • 02
    Sessions designed for varied industries including Life Sciences, Human Resources, Healthcare, Banking & Financial Services, & Cross Industry Functions.
  • 03
    Dedicated customer support team to create an enriching and satisfactory experience.
  • 04
    Consistent and transparent efforts to improve services through customer feedback.
  • 05
    Affordable pricing with periodic offers for a range of corporate training.
  • 06
    Customization options to suit different corporate needs and budgets.

Customized Training

Available training programs not serving the purpose fully? We understand that every organization has its unique goals and needs and, thus, we develop unique training solutions, tailored for your unique business model.
Tell us what exactly you want and we will develop customized solutions for you.

How it works?

You tell us your requirements including the topic, budget, and suitable date and time.

We coordinate with our experts and design the best suitable plan for you.

We deliver a superlative training to you that you enjoy right at your convenience.

Onsite Training

While your team is gripped in a tight work schedule, you don’t have to worry about accommodating training sessions in between.
We organize superior training sessions at your organization, at your preferred time.
Now you can train your team effectively and cut down the travel expense as well.

How it works?

  • You tell us your requisites for the training, with preferred time and venue.
  • We plan the best suited training program for you analyzing your corporate needs.
  • We bring our subject matter experts to your location for a superior and interactive training experience.

Online Live Training

Tired of one-sided presentations? We bring you online live training sessions where you can interact with our experts and get answers to your queries instantly. We aim to provide you with an excellent learning experience that you can enjoy online from any desirable location.

How it works?

  • We bring forward the connoisseurs of different industries, having practical experiences.
  • We organize world class training sessions in affordable pricing.
  • We cover a wide range of topics and allow online interactions for better understanding.
Upcoming Live Webinars
Check the Solutions listed above and opt the one that best suits you! Our dedicated Training Solutions Expert Michael Smith will be more than happy to help you choose the best solution and answer any question you might have. Contact: +1-720-996-1615 / Michael@trainingdoyens.com